Welcome the St. Maries Public Library!

The St. Maries Public Library is located one block up from downtown St. Maries, at 822 College Ave.

SUMMER READING!!! Tuesdays, June 21 through July 19 starting at 10 am.

This will be Miss Leslee's last summer reading and she has some awesome plans.

The patio is open! Bring a book, check your e-mail or read the newspaper while the sun is out.

We have a great selection of books, a good selection of magazines and the Spokesman Review and St. Maries Gazette Record newspapers. Wi-fi is also available for your device or check out one of the library's public computers for an hour.     

Our Hours

  • Monday 12-7  
  • Tuesday 12-5  
  • Wednesday - Closed  
  • Thursday 10-5 
  • Friday 12-5  
  • Saturday 9-2  
  • Sunday Closed


Check out NPR's Book Concierge page on the NPR Public Radio link to the right. You will find a list of great reads for 2015. When you find one you would like to read go to the catalog link on the left to see what libraries might carry it. 

Please check the activities page to see what might be happening at the library.

The Friends of the St. Maries Library have an ongoing book sale at the library. There are books on shelves next the the front desk and a wide selection in the basement. Hardcover books are $1.00, paperbacks are 25 cents. All proceeds help the library with special programs and materials.



Now when you go to almost any booksellers website you will be able to see if the book you are thinking of buying is at one of our libraries.

When you click on over to the library catalog you will see in the lower right hand corner "New Bookmarklet". Click on the highlighted link and follow the directions.

You will need to type in both the title and author when you are searching the booksellers website. When you do this the book, if available at one of our libraries, should come up first on the list.


All library computers are filtered as required by the State of Idaho. WiFi users will not be affected.



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