Welcome the St. Maries Public Library!

The St. Maries Public Library is located one block up from downtown St. Maries, at 822 College Ave.



Do you have a favorite poem you would like us to hang in the library?

Have you written a poem you would like to share?

Bring your poem in and we will find a place to display it.


Please check the activities page to see what is happening at the library.

The Friends of the St. Maries Library are having their annual meeting on Saturday April 26, 10 am, at the library. Come join them and learn about coming events and volunteer opportunities you may help with this year. Annual activities are the Used Book Sale and Summer Reading Program, but that isn't all. They have brought programs to the Heyburn School, Middle and High School, this year it was Jabberwocky at Heyburn and Shakespeare at the Middle and High School. One program they brought to the Library for the public to enjoy was "Women of the West". Money they raise is used for programs, books, and those other extras, like the rocking chair for story hour. Please come, join and help them make our Library a great place to visit.



Now when you go to almost any booksellers website you will be able to see if the book you are thinking of buying is at one of our libraries.

When you click on over to the library catalog you will see in the lower right hand corner "New Bookmarklet". Click on the highlighted link and follow the directions.

You will need to type in both the title and author when you are searching the booksellers website. When you do this the book, if available at one of our libraries, should come up first on the list.


All library computers are filtered as required by the State of Idaho. WiFi users will not be affected.





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